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Infants are very busy learning all the time and it only takes a few minutes a day to increase that learning even more.  We have developed a program where you will work with your baby at least twenty minutes a day for twenty or more days a month on specific skills.

Below is an example of our curriculum for a six month old baby.  You will see that each day there is usually one activity, one book and or song.  

Our activities are designed to use household items, typical children's toys and standard supplies.  We recycle and use many household items and focus on educational value and fun, not expensive name brand items.

Within each year we list all books, music and supplies necessary to complete each of the activities.

The goal of this year is to expose your baby to a wide variety of sounds, music, words, activities, and your family environment.  He will enjoy playing with you on the floor, dancing by being swung around in your arms, experiencing many textures and expanding his understanding of the English language.  There is lots of talking and floor play so get ready for a fun ride!

Day 20:

Select three or four different objects from around the house to use in this exercise.  For example, a spoon, toy, sock, and block.  Holding the items up one at a time, tell him what the item is, and then hold it up slightly higher than his eye level.  Drop the item onto the floor and watch his response.  Does he reach for it?  Did he laugh?  Repeat then hand the item to him if he has not reached for it.  Watch to see what he does with it.  He may try to replicate dropping it as you did.

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Day 21:

Using a soft ball gently toss the ball up into the air and catch it.  Then drop it onto the ground and pick it up again.  While doing this explain what you are doing and the direction that the ball is going.  You can then pick up your baby and gently raise him up over your head and tell him he is up high and then lower him down and tell him he is going down.  Such simple exercises will help him learn the basics of direction.

Have “Bach” playing in the background for at least fifteen minutes today.

Day 22:

Building blocks or nesting cups are great fun.  If you don’t have these you can use empty coffee cans, oatmeal boxes, margarine tubs or similar items from the kitchen.  Encourage your child to build a tower, at least three items high.  Then watch to see what he does, will he look at it or try to knock it down?  Either way, knock it down and then see if he will help you try to stack them up again.  Talk to him while you build and tell him that you are stacking items to make a tall tower. 

Read Hello Baby!

For a sample of a full month: Click here
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