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One to Two
As your baby becomes a toddler and learns to walk an entirely new world opens  up.  This year is about great exploration.  He will discover to sit up, pull up, walk, run and maybe even kick a ball.  He will work on directional tasks, experience paint and Play-doh, find out about dozens of new tastes and best of all realize he is capable of doing many tasks himself.

Below is an example of our curriculum for your seventeenth month old baby.  We have included three days to view.  You will see that each day there is usually one activity, one book and or song.  

Our activities are designed to use household items, typical children's toys and standard supplies.  We recycle and use many household items and focus on educational value and fun, not expensive name brand items.

Within each year we list all books, music and supplies necessary to complete each of the activities.

Day 6:

Certain aromas build brain power. Today have fun with some spices.  Make herbal tea (cinnamon, peppermint, chamomile or similar) and then drink and enjoy.  Just make sure the tea is not too hot.

Listen to “Beethoven” today, for at least fifteen minutes.

Day 7:

It seems laundry is a never ending household chore.  So, get your child to help.  At this age there is not really much he can actually help do, but he sure will feel proud that he “helped” out.  I would dump the clean load of whites on the bed and have him sort them into like piles.  Ask him to put the socks in one pile, the underwear in another and the t-shirts into a third pile.

Recite “Baa, Baa Black Sheep”.

Read Runaway Bunny.

Day 8:

Learn more about water and the different forms it can take.  Always be extra careful with your child when water is involved and monitor him carefully.  Pour some cold water into one bowl.  Pour warm, not hot, water into another bowl.  Put ice cubes into a third bowl.  Put crushed ice into a fourth bowl. Let your child feel and play in each bowl.  Talk about what he is feeling and the differences he might notice.

Play “Wee Sing” CD today.  Enjoy and sing along.

For a sample of a full month: Click here
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