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Two to Three
This year your child will continue his learning of the physical world, your family and his capabilities.  Coupled with all of that he will begin to learn more traditionally academic tools as well: how to sing the ABC song, count, sing or recite nursery rhymes, shapes and colors and he will continue to get his hands dirty with paint and Play-doh.  You will perform simple science experiments, play in the dirt, and use your imagination to take a plain cardboard box and create a space ship or a castle.  He will learn to count in Spanish, learn to cut and hold a crayon, listen to a wide variety of music and enjoy countless books.  What a wonderful and fun-filled year.  Your baby is becoming his own person with very distinct likes and dislikes, interests and preferences.  Let him explore and watch how much he will learn in one short year.

Below is an example of two days of our curriculum for a child between two and three years of age.  First, Day 20 is for your twenty-five month old.  Second, Day 17 is for your thirty-one month old child.  You will see that each day there are multiple activities covering a variety of educational topics.  

By the time your child reaches three he will have learned at least eight shapes, ten colors, the alphabet, counting to ten in English and Spanish, heard dozens of books, completed science projects and several fun physical activities, enjoyed a wide variety of music and understand about the community helpers in your town.

Our activities are designed to use household items, typical children's toys and standard supplies.  We recycle and use many household items and focus on educational value and fun, not expensive name brand items.

Within each year we list all books, music and supplies necessary to complete each of the activities.

Day 20:

Language: Eat a F: fruit or figs.

Math concepts: Count from 1 – 5.  Count in Spanish from 1 – 5 (uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco.)

Song of the day: Itsy bitsy spider.

Story of the day: Big red barn.

Color of the day: Red.  Get a brown bag or extra gift bag for today’s activity.  Ask your child to gather small red items from around the house and place into the bag.

Shape of the day: Square.  Play “I spy” something square around the house or outside.

Other: Sensory box.  If you don’t have a sensory or sand box outside then you can make a small one for inside play.  Use a shallow plastic bowl with a lid and pour sensory item inside (rice, dried beans or oatmeal) and let your child play.  It is fun to use a few toys to see how the sensory item moves and changes.  Note: always monitor your child when they are playing with sensory items.

Day 17:

Language: Sing the ABC song. Roll out and form Play-doh into letter ‘Y’.

Math concepts: Count backwards from 10 - 0.

Song of the day: Yankee Doodle.

Story of the day: Gingerbread Baby.

Science project: Clouds are important to our environment.  Clouds are made up of millions of tiny droplets of water and they come in all shapes and sizes which produce different kinds of weather.  Go outside today and observe clouds.  Ask your child to describe the clouds he sees, if you are lucky and the cumulus (big white fluffy) clouds then you can try to find something in the clouds.  You might use your imagination and think the cloud looks like a bird, or a fish, or even an ice cream sundae!  If you wish you can take along construction paper and crayons and have your child color a picture of what he sees.  Or, if the weather does not permit you can use cotton balls and blue construction paper and have him glue on clouds.  He can glue them on full and puffy or stretch the cotton ball out to represent (cirrus) long wispy clouds.

Other: Have your child work on squeezing today; this will improve his gross motor control.  You can use kitchen tongs for this activity.  Gather various items of different sizes, shapes and weights for him to practice picking up with the tongs and moving into a bowl or box.  For added difficulty you might work on fine motor skills and have him use tweezers and pick up small things such as beans, cereal or small toys.

For a sample of a full month: Click here
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