A whole child developmental approach for birth to five

Welcome to our fun and interactive curriculum for your child. As the child of an early education expert I had the opportunity to call on my Mom whenever I needed guidance or assistance with any developmental area. For years I have been urging my Mother to write down her ideas and share her experiences with others. We decided to co-author this curriculum for parents and teachers hoping to share the hundreds of simple and inexpensive ways parents, caregivers and teachers can affect a child’s development. We sincerely hope you enjoy our program and enjoy sharing in your child’s growth.

Our program is designed by year and broken down by month.  You can start the program at any time, in any given year.

You will notice that I have used the male tense within the curriculum and on the website.  I do not mean to exclude all of the wonderful little girls, it is just that I have a son and my brain thinks “boy”.

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Please note that we believe each child is his own unique person and will learn all he needs to know in his own time.  Our program is very academically and cognitively rigorous.  For that reason we want you to feel comfortable to scale back or push ahead, as needed, to suit the needs, desires and abilities of your child.

As parents and teachers we are the best source of encouragement and learning for our child.  During these all important years you will work with your child to develop his cognitive, language, gross motor and fine motor, social, emotional and self-help competencies.  Each child develops at different rates, so don’t be too alarmed if your child is early/late with a few skills.  In addition, this is a wonderful age for music appreciation and to build thinking skills.

We have developed a program where you will work with your child approximately twenty to forty minutes a day on various skills, depending on his age.  This curriculum is designed for easy use but don’t let the simplicity fool you.  Each activity has a purpose.  The goal of the Flowering Baby Curriculum is to develop a solid and full foundation.  The curriculum includes twenty, or more, activities each month.

Up until age three there are activities based on age alone.  However, beginning with age three you will find we have a Monthly section (organized by calendar month) which includes math, language, science, etc. and the Theme sections.  Theme sections are like mini-unit studies, you will select two themes to complete each month.  These are a more focused schedule of books, activities and work based around one central theme.